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Team Member Health & Safety

A Safe Day is the Only Day at JBS Canada

We maintain a zero-tolerance mindset around safety, for the food we produce, the animals we care for and for our team members. We provide extensive safety training, follow-up and monitoring to ensure each one of our Team Members returns home safely to their family every day.

2020 Team Member
Health & Safety Goal

Reduce the number of severe incidents by



JBS Site Health and Safety Policy

  1. Everyone who works at JBS Canada has a personal responsibility to identify hazards, to work together to fix them and to keep everyone safe. Both Senior Management and Team Members play a vital role in building a positive safety culture.
  2. JBS Canada recognizes that all employees have the right to work in a safe place.
  3. JBS Canada expects that everyone working in or visiting the facility to takes personal ownership & responsibility for their safety and for the safety of everyone around them.
  4. Senior Management is responsible for leading and supporting our safety program.
  5. Supervisors are responsible for identifying hazards and mentoring workers to keep them safe.
  6. Employees are responsible for following the safe work practices to help keep everyone safe.
  7. JBS Canada will follow the Alberta Workplace Safety Law to provide a safe workplace.
  8. JBS Canada will minimize risks to prevent injuries, illness, and property damage by following the Standard Operating Procedures in our using our safety program.
  9. JBS Canada will investigate safety incidents to identify and correct existing and potential safety hazards while learning from our mistakes.
  10. JBS Canada will train and support our health & safety committees to promote better safety practices for everyone.