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Leading in Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship

We define sustainability as responsibly meeting the needs of today, while improving the ability of future generations to responsibly meet their own needs.

Our Sustainable Food Direction

At JBS Canada, we have a real and meaningful story to share. At the core of our story are our team members who embrace the responsibility and accountability that come with food integrity. We have committed to continually invest in our people, our systems and processes and the infrastructure of our facility. We have set aggressive targets in the areas of sustainability that involve improving the short and long-term performance of our business by balancing the three traditional pillars of sustainability: economic viability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Our Commitment

We will remain informed and share global best practices to the benefit of Canada, our valued employees and the communities in which they reside.

We will always embrace and take leadership in being ethical stewards of entrusted resources — thinking and acting responsibly.

Making decisions with future generations in mind, we therefore work continuously to reduce our environmental impact.

– David Colwell, President, JBS Canada

2020 Sustainability Targets

JBS conducted a Corporate Materiality Analysis (CMA) that identified key areas that our outside stakeholders perceive as most important to measuring the company’s sustainability performance. We analyzed data from 2013 to 2015 in each target area, which allowed us to develop comprehensive, data-informed goals and an implementation plan that would achieve measurable improvement in each key target area by the year 2020.

“JBS Canada continues to make strategic investments, implemented enhanced operating procedures, and enabled our overall cultural commitment, starting with our valued team members,” applauds Celio Fritche, General Manager - Est. 38. “This has allowed us to make great strides in meeting, and where possible, exceeding our 2020 goals we set over the previous 5 years.”

We are proud to share our progress to date:

Achieve 90% or better on our internal animal welfare scorecard


Reduce the number of severe incidents by 30%


Maintain industry-leading team member engagement and retention levels.

Reduce water usage per head by 34%


Reduce electricity usage per head by 4%


Reduce natural gas usage per head by 5%


Reduce GHGs by 5%