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Spring Creek

In the heart of the prairies, Spring Creek starts with Angus heritage and a firm commitment to natural Canadian beef without added hormones.

Our passion is producing the most consistent, tender and flavoursome beef possible. Reared on grass at our trusted family farms across the fertile landscapes of the western countryside and finished on grain at our program accredited feedlots, Spring Creek beef has the perfect balance of tenderness and flavour that delivers every time.

Spring Creek special selection beef is now renowned across Europe as one of the best performing grass fed and grain finished beef brands in the world; developed from a grass root idea of high quality, home reared, consistent beef.

At Spring Creek our integrated supply chain ensures the highest welfare standards are upheld throughout the process from farm to fork, also delivering AA+ grading, Spring Creek not only represents high welfare, but delivers consistent marbling that consumers deserve and expect in selecting this special Canadian Beef.