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Brands & Programs

We are proud to offer a wide variety of the best genetics, taste, texture and variety that Canadian beef has to offer. Our comprehensive portfolio of beef programs has been designed to deliver products tailored to meet the needs of any customer.

Canadian Diamond BeefTM

Comprehensive portfolio of the best beef Canada has to offer.

An expression of the integrity and responsibility we embrace in providing superior Canadian beef. A diverse cross-section of exceptional hand crafted products with consistent visual appeal and performance that is provided by 100% Canadian genetics and attention to every detail.

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Canadian Diamond Black AngusTM

Canadian Diamond AAA Black Angus Beef is special because it begins with the selection of only a true, trusted “Black Angus” breed. Meticulously selected, hand-made and prepared to satisfy with tenderness, taste and mouth-watering flavour.

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Certified Angus Beef®

Certified Angus Beef is the original Angus beef brand available in Canadian Prime and AAA upper 2/3rd.

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Northern GoldTM Premium Canadian Beef

Premium Canadian Beef - A discovery as pure as gold

This premium brand is deeply rooted in generations of responsible and passionate Canadian ranching families. Northern Gold is a symbol of trust and confidence that every effort went into preserving the most memorable experience. Offering exceptional marbling, flavour, tenderness and consistency, we will never compromise in the hand-crafted excellence of Northern Gold.

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Spring Creek Beef®

Special Selection Canadian Beef

In the heart of the prairies, Spring Creek starts with angus heritage with a firm commitment to natural Canadian beef without added hormones. A reliable alternative for any consumer expecting beef to align with their values.

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Clear River Farms®

Clear River Farms has exacting specifications and provides consumers an enjoyable eating experience at an affordable value. Products are proven to provide consistency and saleable yield for retail and food service as compared to conventional no-roll programs. Look to Clear River Farms for a superior and trusted quality contribution to your portfolio of beef offerings.

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Ground Beef

The most versatile protein, a primary ingredient and option demanded on a daily basis.

We offer a range of 100% Canadian ground beef options to meet the needs of retail, food service and further processing customers.

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Four Star Beef®

Affordable versatility, without compromise for food safety and quality.

Four Star beef offers a wide selection of value-based beef – consistent products produced in the most cost effective manner for retailer, food service and further processing customers searching for value without sacrificing quality and food safety.

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