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Our Products

The JBS Canada Advantage

We commit to never compromise the integrity of the food we are entrusted to produce for our customers and consumers. Our products begin with hard-working ranchers and farm families who faithfully raise only the highest quality breeds with utmost care and attentiveness. Our unwavering commitment to sustainable, humane beef production and our dedicated team that takes pride and responsibility in the food they are called upon to hand-craft each and every day is what gives us the true JBS Canada Advantage of "Unmatched Quality and Service".

Brands & Programs

All of our products and brands are delivered by a JBS Canada advantage of “Unmatched Quality and Service”. We know we have to continuously improve for our customers — trust is not given — it is earned.

Product Innovation

As we continually drive for greater attention to detail, we are evolving our partnerships with our customers by providing products that go beyond boxed beef. With our Canadian Ready-to-Cut, we offer more choice to meet the customers’ need.

Additional Products

We offer a wide selection of additional products, including variety meats and rendered products.

Quality Grades

Canada’s commitment to quality is of paramount importance. It is the reason Canada has established such stringent grading standards for beef and subsequently become a global leader in beef grading. We adhere to the Canadian Beef Grading System, which guarantees consistency in the end product.

Product Selector

We strive to optimize carcass utilization. View our product selector to choose the cuts that work best work you.