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Our Partners

Canadian Farm and Ranch Families

In an ever-changing consumer market, we understand that our customers are being met with many challenges. Consumers expect high-quality, safe, convenient food. With our exceptional team, we are flexible and adaptive, producing products that are hand-crafted and exclusive.

It all begins with our location in southern Alberta, the heart of the Prairie Provinces, which gives us the advantageous access to livestock producers and suppliers across western Canada. These Canadian farm and ranch families are committed to being stewards of the land, while combining world-class genetics with exceptional animal care.

The environment and conditions in Canada are ideal for raising cattle. Our wide open spaces, clean water and fresh air allow the animals to mature in the pristine natural environment. Canada is renowned for beef with consistent colour, taste and texture, attributes that are increasingly fundamental to our customers.

We are proud to maintain mutually beneficial agreements with our dedicated suppliers, sourcing cattle that exhibit physical traits for nutritious, high-quality, great tasting beef.

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